Car Seats and Your Baby: Safety Tips You Need to Know

Protective measures for children have come a long way from the days of children simply sitting in the back seat and hoping for a safe journey. Today, we know that with all of the advancements that have been put in place, it is necessary for a baby to ride in a properly installed car seat in order to be as safe as possible. There are car seat laws for a reason, after all. Before taking your little one for a ride, take a look at these must-know safety tips.

Yes, They Are Important

You probably get a lot of unsolicited advice as a parent, but if someone starts talking to you about the importance of a well-designed and new car seat, be sure to listen. Correctly installed car seats can reduce the risk of death for infants by 71 percent and by 54 percent for toddlers. In other words, they are designed to literally protect your precious bundle of joy from the worst possible scenario. Never underestimate how crucial car seats are.

Don’t Buy Second Hand

So many items for your baby can be bought second hand. When it comes to clothing, toys, and even a crib in some instances, buying used is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. With regard to car seats, though, it is always advisable to buy a new one for each child and when the car seat’s safety warranty has expired. Doing so will ensure the safety of your little one.

Call in a Professional

The prevention and road safety team affiliated with your local fire department or council may inspect your car seat at no fee. In many cases, they will even install the car seat for you if you are not confident about what needs to be done. Having a car seat that is installed as intended is one of the best ways to keep your little one safe while in the car. Correct installation is important to protect your child in case of an accident.

Just as you know it is important to wear your seat belt, it is also important for your baby to be properly secured in a car seat. Ensuring the proper car seat and the correct fit within that car seat can be the difference between life and death. Making the commitment to keeping your child safe when travelling in a vehicle is as simple as always having them snugly secured within an appropriate car seat.

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