How Your Body Solves The Problem of Pregnancy

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‘Do you know the challenge your immune system has to overcome during pregnancy? Do you want to know how your baby is under constant threat from your immune system? Do you want to find out how truly amazing your immune system really is?

Then look no further!

This short book begins by explaining the problem faced by your immune system during your pregnancy, before discussing a number of possible solutions, including the effect pregnancy hormones may have on your immune cells. Using simple language with no confusing scientific or medical terms, you can understand how your immune system copes with the presence of foreign molecules throughout your pregnancy without attacking your baby. Read on to discover what goes on in your body during pregnancy ‘underneath the surface’.’

Pregnancy – what’s the problem?
Foetal food – a risky business
Solutions to the problem of pregnancy
Solution 1 – The ever-changing face of MHC molecules
Solution 2 – Immune messengers and how they help during pregnancy
Solution 3 – Specialised cells of the immune system during pregnancy
Solution 4 – Hormones during pregnancy and the immune system
Other undiscovered mechanisms?

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