Awesome Jobs for Animal-Loving Parents

Most people understand the importance of landing a job that not only provides for their economic needs but also fills them with a sense of accomplishment. And what would be a more fulfilling occupation for lovers of animals than one that would allow them to spend their days surrounded by the furry creatures they love. The following is a shortlist of jobs that will surely make any animal lover happy to go to work each day.

Pet Photographer

The job of a pet photographer is to capture and record images of animals to be used for both private and commercial purposes. Pet photographers must possess an eye for balance and an understanding of which images will be of interest to their audience. Pet photographers must understand how various pieces of photography equipment work and know how to adjust to the movement of the pet, weather conditions, and lighting elements. Photographers usually work on request and can capture images in their studio or at a location chosen by a pet owner. No degrees or certificates are necessary to be a pet photographer, but new photographers usually complete some training under more experienced pet photographers. Salaries can vary based on location and experience.

Dog Sitter

Many pet lovers are surprised to learn they can earn money for spending time with an animal while their owner is away from home. Sitters usually perform in-home services so that pets can remain in a familiar environment while their owner is on holiday or away for an extended period of time for work. Pet sitters are most often needed to keep dogs and cats company, but there are times when a pet owner will request care for a reptile, fish, or other small animals. Pet sitters usually offer a suite of services that include dog walking, cleaning litter boxes, and making sure pets are given any medication they need. The outlook for this profession is good due to the fact there’s been an increase in pet adoptions that has led to an increased demand for various pet services.

Animal Cruelty Investigator

Lovers of animals do not tolerate individuals who seek to harm their furry friends. You can help prevent the injustices that are committed against animals as an investigator for animal cruelty cases. As an animal cruelty investigator, you will respond to complaints of the mistreatment of animals and collect evidence for trial when these complaints turn out to be credible. Many animal lovers who work in this capacity say the job is the most meaningful they have ever held.

Most animal lovers would consider it a dream to work with animals on a daily basis. However, not many animal lovers are aware of the many jobs working with animals that are available to them. The three professions profiled above will allow you to earn a living for yourself while spending time daily interacting with animals both large and small.
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