7 Tips for helping your child plan their revision


Helping your child can make all the difference to their exams and less stress in the household.  Here are some pointers to make it easier.

  1. You and your child could time your child’s attempts at practice papers, this will give both of your more confidence as the big day approaches
  2. Ensure that all the materials, including text books and revision aids are available in plenty of time
  3. Its best to work out a revision timetable for each subject and have a break between subjects
  4. Dont encourage long revision sessions,  small sessions work better
  5. Postcard notes can work well for revision and when creating these with your child you are revising
  6. Go for a trip with your child to buy new stationarym post it notes and essentials, this makse revision interesting
  7. It can help to go through school notes with your child and sometimes get hem to say their note to you out loud, or to test them


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