6 tips to help a bed wetting child

Bed Wetting

Bed Wetting

Being supportive when a child wets the bed is very important for self esteem.

Here are some simple tips to help your child whilst they are going through this difficult transition

  1. Be supportive.  Although this may be obvious, it can be hard to be patient sometimes.  If you or a partner wet the bed as a child, letting your child know can help
  2. Don’t make an issue out of the problem: Staying calm and matter of fact helps a lot
  3. Do not discuss bed wetting with other members of the family and do not let you child be teased about it.  They need to feel secure in the family unit
  4. Just focus on the bed wetting and not the child.  If you punish or blame it wont make things better and could make it worse as the child will feel less secure
  5. Let your child take responsibly.  If you let your child be part of the cleaning up they and let them learn that they are responsible for being dry but you are there to support and help them can go along way to enforce change
  6. Make cleaning up as quick and easy as possible, so that it does not seem like a big issue,  for example you can use waterproof bed covers and have a room deodorant at hand

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