5 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust After a Move

When you have a career in a STEM field, you may find that your job requires you to move, sometimes to an area that you may have never considered living. While this is a great opportunity for your career, it can be tough on your children. As a parent, there are a few things that you can do to help them adjust.

Bring Your Kids on Tours

When you are looking for a home, consider bringing your children with you to look at homes. While you don’t have to include them in the decision, showing your children where they might be living can get them excited to move into a new home. Also, seeing your children in the home can help you figure out if the house will be a good fit for your family. However, make sure you take the age of your children into account. Toddlers are going to be harder to deal with than older children, so you may want to bring them after you have narrowed down your options.

Settle Them First

After you have bought your home, prioritize settling your children into their room first. When they have a place to call their own, it will be easier to make them feel like they are nestled in the new home. Hanging up their favorite decorations and posters will be a great way for them to remember what it feels like to have a place to get away from it all. It can also serve to keep them out of the way as you unpack other areas of your home.

Meet the Neighbors

Making friends with the neighbors is going to incredibly important for your children. The kids nearby are the best source for making friends and helping your children adjust to life in a new neighbor. This can also help you make friends with parents. Additionally, home security is a concern in neighborhoods where the neighbors don’t talk to each other, so these friendships can help you stay safe.

Set a Routine

Kids feel more settled and secure when there is a routine. Once you can get the normal routine back in your kids’ lives, everything will really start to feel like home again. Even though things might be a bit difficult at first, as soon as you reestablish a schedule, things will start to feel a little more normal.

Visit the Schools

Moving to a new school can be a big deal, especially if it happens during the school year. Once you know what home you are going to buy, take your children to their new school and make sure they get enrolled. Even if they don’t start that day, they can meet their new teacher and get familiar with the location of their classroom. Children spend a lot of their day at school, so getting them comfortable with their surroundings is an incredibly important step.

When it comes time to move, your children may be sad, but your move doesn’t have to be bad. Allowing your children to feel comfortable in their new surroundings and helping them to settle back into their routines can help them get off to a good start in your new home.

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