4 Things Your Teen Should Look for in a Summer Job

The summer job is a rite of passage for many teenagers. If chosen wisely, these job opportunities have the potential of providing a myriad of benefits through the experience gained. Here are four things your teenager should look for when choosing a summer job:

Management Training

It is never too early to look ahead to your professional future. An ideal summer job will empower the teen by providing useful management training programs. A strong mentorship and shadowing program helps to achieve this goal by giving teenagers the opportunity to build leadership skills and communication expertise through a variety of age-appropriate tasks and responsibilities.

School Credit

Because school should still be the top priority for a teenager, savvy students look for job opportunities that provide the option of receiving school credit while also carrying out the duties of the job. Paid internships are an excellent route to take when looking for a job that will also deliver school credit. Not only will teenagers gain valuable work experience, but they will also receive school credit. Earning school credit during the summer can help to lessen the workload of the student during the academic year while opening up the time to pursue other activities outside of school and work.

Practical Learning Skills

The most important goal of a summer job should be to gain practical learning skills that can be applied to real-world situations and in future career opportunities. While not every summer job will translate into career development opportunities, the practical skills learned should be able to apply to a variety of situations. It is essential that the teenager makes the most out of this time and pursues opportunities that will help them later down the road.

Flexible Hours

Teenagers need to be cognizant of applying for jobs that will work with any summer school schedule commitments and any additional extra-curricular activities that occupy their time. Because many teenagers still play school sports and train during the summer, the hours should be flexible enough to allow them to continue. Summer jobs targeted directly at teenagers are ideal positions for those looking for a proper life and work balance.

Wherever the path to employment may take your teenager, it is important to keep these four goals in mind. By adhering to these principals, you are setting your teen up for success while also building valuable skills, such as money management for the future. For more articles with advice for raising a teen, check out our teen page!


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