4 Science Degrees With High Average Incomes

Graduating from college is one thing; getting a job that pays well is something else. Every student’s dream is to get high paying jobs not just to cater to their bills but to allow them to give back to the community. As a mother, you want only the best for your kids. You want to help them choose the best science degrees. So, what are those high paying science degrees that they can study? Let’s find out below.

Computer Science

If you’re holding a tablet, a computer, or a smartphone, you’re holding on to something made using the expertise of computer science skills. This science major equips students with the knowledge of designing, testing, developing, and producing computers and their subsystems. A computer science student studies programming, operating systems, and data structures. Like what’s expected in a technical science degree, the four years students pay studying computer science pays off really well. An average starting salary for a degree holder in this field expects to earn around $67,000. There are various fields to work in with this degree, including cybersecurity, information technology, game design, and automation, among others.

Actuarial Science

For many years, actuarial science has been one of the top professions to study in college, and it’s still holding the top position. This field of study handles prediction and risk control in mathematics, economics, and statistics. They can predict whether a disaster can occur based on previous events. The professional generally deals with risk management. They use analytical skills, business knowledge, and understanding of human behavior. They can work in insurance companies, government agencies, banks, firms, etc. Salary ranges from $61,000 to $108,000.


A degree in healthcare covers a wide array of professions, including therapists, laboratory science, human anatomy knowledge, healthcare delivery, medical terminology, and medical ethics, among others. With a bachelor’s degree in healthcare, you can work in many areas like research laboratories, hospitals, private clinics, doctor’s offices, government agencies, rehabilitation centers, public health organizations, etc. According to one online program, 8 of the 10 highest paid jobs requiring a Bachelor’s degree were in healthcare fields. Depending on the area you choose to work in, an average salary for healthcare professionals range from $32,000 to $626,000. This means there is a big potential of earning a high income and thriving in the healthcare industry.


Bachelor of Science in Agriculture is a wide field that exposes to learning how to grow crops and rear animals. The students learn conceptual skills of increased crop and animal production through research, training, marketing, and self-employment. You need to decide which type of agriculture you want to study in this field. A student studying agriculture can narrow down to agricultural business management, animal science, food science and technology, plant science, soil science, and animal science. A starting salary for those entering the agriculture industry can range from $67,950 to $136,940. Getting a degree in any science field is a great idea for any student planning to join college. There are always jobs waiting with the potential of earning good salaries. All you have to do is understand your passion and know what you want to achieve in life.

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