4 Lessons We Can Learn From Helicopter Moms

Despite the fact that helicopter moms often carry a poor reputation for being too strict and confining, these mothers should also be lauded for their commitment to developing highly functioning children. Here are four lessons that we can learn from helicopter moms and their patented brand of assertive parenting:

Emphasizing Education

Helicopter moms are most defined by their commitment to emphasizing success in the classroom over everything else. Helping your child keep track of their grades is the first step in empowering them to reach their full academic potential. Motivating your child to always be their best is a valuable life lesson that will pay big dividends down the road. These mothers truly understand the value of an education and will go to the ends of the earth to ensure that their children embrace this philosophy as well. What you can do to emulate this is to sit down with your child and calculate grades with them, develop a plan to do attain them, and hold them accountable to it.

Embracing Structure

There is rarely free time in a household ran by a strict mom. These moms embrace the benefits of a structured lifestyle, believing that it will keep their children organized and more likely to avoid troubling situations. From challenging academic courses to a dedication to learning to play a musical instrument with expertise, helicopter moms leave little room in the day for their child to have time to stumble.

Encouraging Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility is a highly emphasized value of families led by a helicopter mom. These moms encourage personal responsibility in their children by directing them to take ownership in all aspects of their life. Whether it be making sure that the child practices exceptional personal hygiene habits or empowering the child to advocate for themselves in all situations, helicopter moms want to equip their offspring with all of the necessary tools to rise to the top.

Positive Discipline

Helicopter moms are not afraid of being blunt and direct. However, despite the strict discipline measures, these moms stress positive interactions. Encouraging children through transparent and purposeful word choice is a trademark of helicopter moms on a global scale. They firmly believe that parents need to be disciplinarians and motivators rather than friends to their children. That being said, be sure to take care and to be sensitive when it comes to particular topics you need to speak to your children about.

Although it may be controversial in some circles, the parenting style of employing strict rules, tough love, and high standards undoubtedly produces successful children. Pushing your child to excel sends the signal that you value them as both an individual and as a productive member of society.

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