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This is a free international site and you are invited to join our community.

We provide support to all women through peer support, resources, information and events to help navigate a world that was not designed with them in mind.

We want to let you know that you are not alone in your struggles and your wins. This community is here, to provide you with peer support through your challenges and cheer for you as you achieve your goals.

Established in 2005, this community provides:

  • a safe space to chat about your challenges
  • information and events
  • access to collaborators for your projects
  • methods to promote your business, course or project
  • access to an international database of women who are facing the same issues that you are and want to chat.

Membership is completely free and gives you access to our community, resources and events.

Membership Benefits

Our growing resource of information is created to support you.  Groups and articles cover all areas of life from career planning to self-care, and the free talks, workshops and monthly meetings aim to support you with your goals.

Support For Mums

Too many women leave work or change careers due to the constraints of juggling life. Some struggle, and work part-time, at the expense of advancing their career. Others change their career to fit in with their children.

Our network provides information for those who have the challenge of bringing up children and maintaining a career, whether full or part-time, or outside their original path.

We are the only international networking site supporting mums to stay in or return to STEM.

Women In STEM

There is a lot of focus on getting women into STEM careers, but little focus on whether they are sustainable career paths for the long term. Our network connects STEM professionals for collaborations, sharing experiences and peer support to navigate the challenges of being a woman in STEM. We also collaborate with other organisations to host special events, information and resources to support women in STEM.

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