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We are the only international networking site supporting mums to stay in, or return to STEM.  This is a free site and you are welcome to join in the conversation.

How The Mums In Science Network Is Helping

Too many women leave science due to the constraints of motherhood. Some struggle, and work part-time, at the expense of advancing their career. Others change their career to fit in with their children, whilst working within some area of science.

Established in 2005, this network

*creates a community to provide mutual support,
*provides information to those who have the challenge of bringing up children and maintaining a career in science, whether full or part-time, or outside mainstream science.

Find Information to Get You Back Into Stem

We have a growing resource of information to help people get back into STEM after a career break, Including

  • A free job board
  • Mentoring & Training events (coming soon)
  • Articles and Forums

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Chat to women in STEM all over the World

This portal gives you access to an international database of women working in STEM.  Many may be facing the same issues that you are and want to chat.

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