The Mums In Science Community Network

Providing peer support through your challenges and cheering for you as you achieve your goals.

Too many women leave work or change careers due to the constraints of juggling life or the ever-present glass ceiling. Some struggle, and work part-time, at the expense of advancing their career. Others change their career to fit in with their lifestyle.

Our network provides information for those who have the challenge that only women face in the workplace (whether full or part-time or outside their original path).

Browse our wide range of online events created to cater to women at each stage of their career

You are free to join our groups and forums, create your own space and chat to all members

Established in 2005, this community provides ✪a safe space to chat about your challenges ✪information and events ✪access to collaborators for your projects ✪methods to promote your business, course or project ✪access to an international database of women who are facing the same issues that you are and want to chat.