Ready to Go Back to Work? 4 Jobs That Need You

Many women often stop working at the some point in their lives for reasons related to pregnancy, child care, or injury, and then go back to work. This can be tough for some, especially since many employers perceive mothers as less capable employees. Do be aware that this is sex discrimination and a violation of civil rights, so even though it may be difficult to find a job due to these perceptions, there are legal options to take if necessary. But that may not be your issue at all, maybe you’re just ready to start a new career path, which can be tricky as well.

When you’re ready to return to work and begin working full-time, you may be looking to start a new career and get a different experience than your previous job. It’s important to consider the most in-demand jobs that are available among professionals to ensure that you have job security and can grow in the industry. Here are the top high-demand jobs to consider when you’re getting ready to return to work.


Employment for accounting professionals continues to grow due to the excellent health of the economy. Most accountants need to have a four-year degree but don’t need to have any experience in a related field to get started. You can even get certified to become more qualified for positions that are available. The demand for accountants is growing faster than any other profession due to more companies that are starting or are continuing to grow, meaning it won’t take long to find employment.


Cybersecurity is in demand for many companies who are looking to protect their data and avoid getting hacked. Beyond businesses, the government and relies on cybersecurity professionals to create system security plans that protect controlled defense information. There’s an increasing demand for security support and a shortage of IT professionals, which means you can have a successful career without as much competition compared to other industries. Many companies are looking for individuals who are capable of managing enterprise-specific or legacy technologies, which will require some education and training.


Professions in the healthcare industry are in demand, specifically registered nurses and medical assistants. Hospitals will continue to hire despite the state of the economy, making it an ideal career to pursue if you’re looking for job security. More baby boomers are retiring, which means that there’s an increased demand for healthcare professionals with competitive salaries.

Software Engineering

Software engineers have one of the most in-demand jobs in the world as technology continues to evolve and become more advanced. There are many different types of engineers, which can allow you to select a specific path where your skills can be utilized. Those who are just starting out can consider becoming a mobile engineer, which are often individuals who have less than 10 years of experience in the field. Software engineers have the highest demand and can make it easier to get a job.

Returning to work means that you’ll want to get back to a career that you enjoy and is rewarding over time. By knowing the most high-demand jobs that are available, you can consider your options.

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