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Often, we know the answers to our current career dilemmas, but hearing how others tackle similar challenges helps us clarify what actions to take ourselves. Through the Career Relaunch podcasts, host Joseph Liu brings an inspiring collection of personal stories about career reinvention to help people see how they can also relaunch their own careers.

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Launching on September 15, 2016, each episode is dedicated to exploring one professional’s story of reinvention. Joseph guides his listeners on an insightful journey to help motivate them to take real steps towards the career change they desire, face the challenges that arise along the way, and push forward bravely when teetering on the cusp of change. He also finishes each episode by sharing career insights and anecdotes from his own career journey during the “Mental Fuel” segment.

Learn how to break the cycle…

Joseph believes the majority of people experience a paradox of goals. While goals can provide your life with direction, they can also blind you to other, more meaningful career options. He believes hearing other people’s stories helps you reconnect with your true calling to find a more professionally and emotionally satisfyingcareer.

Transitioning to a new career can be daunting and scary, but Joseph’s proof that change can be for the better. He’s made three major career changes, discovering what it takes to move on from the past and successfully start a new chapter in his career.

Joseph explains:

“I’ve experienced the gut-wrenching feeling of knowing my current career path is not quite right for me, and I’ve made the difficult decision to leave that career behind for something else. The Career Relaunch podcast uses real-life case studies to help listeners seek out their own dream careers and find true happiness and satisfaction in what they do.”

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