Evidence Matters

Evidence Matters 15 September 2016 We are making a case to parliamentarians, ministers and officials that evidence matters to the public, and that we expect politicians and civil servants to discuss it openly. Contrary to the views of some commentators, that the public only responds to emotional rhetoric and political soundbites, we’ve seen a very […]

Psychotextiles could be next big thing in fabrics

While most of us feel pain if we’re pricked by a needle, or taste sourness sucking a lemon, scientists understand less about how we’re affected by what we see. This is because seeing is a much more complicated activity. It involves shape, dimension and colour in a three-dimensional context with multiple object associations that are […]

Why isn't there a gene for depression?

Depression is sometimes categorised as a mental, rather than a physical illness – as though somehow mental health is different from physical health. But the brain is not a magical black box inside your head. It is an organ, just like the heart or lungs, made up of cells and supplied with blood. These brain […]

The man who gave himself away

  Laura met George in the pages of Reader’s Digest. In just a couple of column inches, she read an abridged version of his biography and was instantly intrigued. In the 1960s, apparently, egotistical scientist George Price discovered an equation that explained the evolution of altruism, then overnight turned into an extreme altruist, giving away […]

Messing with our heads

When I was a teenager, my mum reassured me that I wouldn’t go bald in my 20s like my father had. She seemed pretty sure of this. “Look,” she said, brightly, pushing back her hair from her forehead, “you’ve got my hairline, not your dad’s.” At the time, I bought her argument, but within 10 […]

Introducing the School Gate SET

For parents with a background in Science & Technology, talking to our children about how the world works; taking them to science museums; even doing a few backyard & kitchen experiments, all comes very naturally. Many primary school children, though, don’t get these experiences. Primary school teachers need to have a broad knowledge base, but […]

Tuberculosis (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) FISH

Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH) diagnostic tests for infectious diseases

ID-FISH Technology Inc. (www.idfishtechnology.com), based in Palo Alto, CA, USA is a pioneer in the Biotechnology Industry dedicated to the development of high quality, simple, rapid, and inexpensive diagnostic test kits for the detection of infectious diseases worldwide (e.g. malaria and tuberculosis) using Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH) technology. ID-FISH have developed tests that utilise […]

New Class of Drugs May Prevent Temporal Lobe Epilepsy by Gemma Dobson

New Class of Drugs May Prevent Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Epilepsy, a set of neurological disorders characterized by attacks involving motor or sensory malfunction with or without unconsciousness or involuntary muscle contraction, is the fourth most common neurological condition. One of the most common and challenging forms of epilepsy is temporal lobe epilepsy, which affects the parts of the brain […]

New product announcement – CloudLIMS

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CloudLIMS.com is a cloud based laboratory informatics company with a strong focus on research data security and laboratory compliance. Our flagship products for biobanking and sample management, use our robust cloud technology platform, CloudLIMS, to give you access anytime, anywhere at virtually zero capex. (more…)