STEM education embedded in communities across the UK

The STEM Ambassador programme can now be accessed by teachers, schools and non- school groups, such as the Scout and Guide groups using the new network of STEM Ambassador Hubs. Yvonne Baker, Chief Executive of National STEM Learning Centre and Network, said: “We are delighted to be integrating the prestigious STEM Ambassador programme, alongside our […]

Why Alzheimer's research is failing to hit treatment targets

Since Alois Alzheimer first described a “peculiar severe disease” in 1901, research into dementia has grown at an astonishing rate. As the prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease increases, the need for a treatment becomes more pressing and scientists trying to understand the disease are more accountable than ever. While there has been significant investment and encouraging […]

Join us in parliament on 1st November

  Join us in parliament on 1st November 22 September 2016 Will you join us to tell parliamentarians, ministers and officials that evidence matters to you and you expect it to matter to government too? This is so important, particularly in the face of a new wisdom setting in that the public aren’t interested in […]

The Anthill 5: Reboot – part 2

We got a bit carried away when putting together our latest podcast and ended up with too many fun stories to air in one episode of The Anthill. So here’s part two on the theme of rebooting where we bring you more tales of restarts and rebrands. We start with a thought experiment: what if […]

Beware of undercooked chicken livers

An increasing number of food-poisoning outbreaks in Britain are being caused by undercooked chicken livers. This increase has occurred at the same time as some celebrity chefs are advocating cooking livers for only a short period, recommending that the livers be served pink in the middle. But this trend to serve rare chicken livers is […]

Peer Review Week 2016

Peer Review Week 2016 21 September 2016 It’s Peer Review Week! This year we are celebrating the role that reviewers play in the process and how important it is that we #RecognizeReview. Many of the partners of Peer Review Week have illustrated how they #RecognizeReview and their commitment to improving that support. We think peer […]

Does the UK need or even want a 'Great British Firewall'?

You’ve probably heard of the Great Firewall of China, the virtual fortification that allows the Chinese government to monitor and restrict internet traffic to and from the world’s most populous nation. Well, the cyber-security chief of the UK Government Communication Headquarters (GCHQ) has suggested early plans for what sounds rather like a “Great British Firewall”. […]

Healing the divide

At 6.30am, the Eyal border crossing is a picture of human misery. The official name is “border crossing”, but nobody uses this term. Israelis and Palestinians alike say “Makhsom” – meaning barrier or roadblock – which reveals the psyche of movement between Israel and the West Bank. Thousands of Palestinian workers, mainly men, who have […]