EU Parliament

Women are weaker, smaller and less intelligent”?!?

A member of the EU Parliament just said that women are “weaker, smaller and less intelligent” after comparing migrants to “excrements” and making a Nazi salute in the chamber. *Enough is enough, sign the petition with one click to suspend him from Parliament:* *sign now <>* A member of the European Parliament just said that […]

When Playground Bullies Come to Work

    One supervisor used four-letter words to critique an employee’s work during a meeting. Another was more subtle: Commenting on a subordinate’s efforts in a public setting, he told the unfortunate individual, “That’s not bad. I’m sure you did the best you could.” A third refrained from making public comments but took every opportunity […]

Tips and Helpful Info on Workplace Bullying Laws

If you have ever experienced numerous occasions larger than a mere unease in the workplace due to harassment, discrimination, or even dismissal, you need to know that there are workplace bullying laws in place to protect your rights. Although you may not want to face the facts because of causing unnecessary problems, you can actually […]