HIV – The Dangers Of Teenage Complacency by Gemma Dobson

April 28, 2015

  Growing up in the sixties and seventies was great. It was a time of great innocence which nonetheless managed to feel very naughty. Free love was in the air, contraception was advancing, and it seemed like consequence-free recreational sex really could become a reality. Then along came the eighties, and brought us back to earth […]

Eating Us Up Inside: Confronting Eating Disorders in Our Kids by Gemma Dobson

March 10, 2015
girl eating

It seems that in this day and age our kids are under more pressure than ever before; although critics may argue that children and adolescents have always faced various pressures, but they change with each generation. Well before university our kids must make a life-changing decision about which career path to follow, be it academic […]

Unleash Creativity-How Encouraging Your Teens Creativity Supports Their Development- by Amy Kelly

June 30, 2014

The splash of color comes to life as senior Natalie Smith, quietly bends over her artwork adding the final details to her abstract painting. She studies it and continues to dab her paint brush into the canvas, slowly breathing life into her masterpiece. When asked why she enjoys painting, she simply says, “Drawing and painting […]

3 Things You Should Steer Clear Of Doing When Parenting Young Children! by Paul Donahue

June 20, 2014

Are you currently developing troubles parenting your young children? Would you like to be among those that have no problems when parenting their youngsters? Well, the moment to do things correctly is while they are still on the adolescent side. So, if you’re having troubles, and you would like to turn elements all around, here […]

Single Parent Ways

June 12, 2014

  I was one parent for the first four years of my son’s life. Currently, there are two sorts of single folks: people who are co-parenting with a non-resident parent and those who are simply raising their children alone. I used to be in this latter category and you know what? I liked it. Of […]

The Pepperific Life

April 12, 2014

The Pepperific Life is a blog by Pepper Tan about single motherhood. In her blog, Pepper discusses the highs and lows about being a single mom. Her blog is peppered with advice about dating, raising a child and helpful household DIYs. Pepper’s blog,, was voted as the Top 25 Single Mom’s of 2013. Her […]

Real Life Maths – STEM Ambassadors

January 10, 2014

  To help encourage more girls to study and enjoy maths, STEMNET sought out six diverse and inspirational women, who are STEM Ambassadors, to talk about the importance that maths plays in their role on an everyday basis.  Their stories are intended to engage young people’s interest, motivate their future development and develop excitement about […]

Ofsted agrees on need to drive gender balance in physics

November 27, 2013

In response to the publication of Ofsted’s Maintaining curiosity: A survey into science education in schools, the Institute of Physics (IOP) has issued a supportive response. Professor Peter Main, Director of Education and Science at IOP, said, “We welcome this wide-ranging and compelling report and are particularly pleased to see Ofsted giving greater emphasis to […]

5 Ways Your Term Life Insurance Can Protect Your Children

November 20, 2013

Via: Life Source Direct

Ensure Your Children’s Safety in the Summer Sun

May 21, 2013

During the summer months, it’s important to be vigilant when it comes to staying safe in the summer sun, particularly if you have young children as those who are the most vulnerable to the summer heat and sun are the elderly and small children. It only takes a few serious sunburns for a child to […]

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