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UNSW Sydney is Australia’s ‘Global University’, home to more than 55,000 students from over 120 countries. UNSW Sydney is a research-intensive university ranked amongst the world’s top 50 universities (QS rankings 2017), and is committed to improving and transforming lives through excellence in research, outstanding education and advancing a just society. The School of Physics […]

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Director of Business OperationsresTORbio, Inc.About resTORbio resTORbio, Inc. (“resTORbio”) is a clinical stage company, developing medicines to treat aging-related diseases and conditions. resTORbio’s lead program is targeting the mechanistic target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) pathway to treat aging-related diseases and conditions with an initial focus on conditions caused by immunosenescence, the decline in immune […]

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Jobs in sectors like Science and Healthcare could be sitting open on the jobs market for months as the UK talent crunch increases and employers struggle for skilled applicants, according to new research by job search engine Adzuna. A study, conducted in May 2017, analysed the proportion of advertised jobs lying unfilled after 90 days, […]

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STEM careers, also known as careers involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, are some of the best paying jobs available. Better yet, a Bachelor’s degree is all that is needed to get into most of the fields. The high pay accompanying these job combined with the moderate amount of education required for them helps minimize […]

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The Translational Research Institute (TRI) is a new NASA-funded virtual institute charged with leading a national effort in translating cutting-edge emerging terrestrial research into applied space flight human risk mitigation strategies for exploration missions. TRI is led by Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in partnership with California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. […]

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We are seeking a Chief Executive Officer for The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) a small charity with an important role. WES has been working to support women in engineering for nearly a century and its agenda of diversity and inclusion is still relevant today as women remain underrepresented in STEM based professions. WES is currently […]

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Research, published this week in the academic journal Intelligence, suggests that more religious countries have a lower educational performance in science and mathematics.  Furthermore, levels of national development and time spent on religious education played a role in students’ attainment. The research was led by Gijsbert Stoet, Professor of Psychology at Leeds Beckett, alongside David Geary, Curators’ […]

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A member of the EU Parliament just said that women are “weaker, smaller and less intelligent” after comparing migrants to “excrements” and making a Nazi salute in the chamber. *Enough is enough, sign the petition with one click to suspend him from Parliament:* *sign now <https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/eu_toxic_mep_loc/?bjisgab&signup=1&cl=12069560747&v=89757>* A member of the European Parliament just said that […]

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I am recruiting for a part time analytical chemist to join a biotechnology company based in Glasgow that is very highly regarded in the industry and has an excellent family friendly policy.  The role will involve performing HPLC and LCMS assays in order to guarantee the quality of a product prior to release to the […]

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We are two all-girl Year 9 robotics teams from The Henrietta Barnett School in North London, looking for sponsorship We, along with another 5 teams, are member of our school robotics club and every year our school takes part in the VEX IQ robotics competitions.  This teaches us team working skills, engineering, programming and design […]

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Position The Purchasing officer is responsible for placing the orders that the staff of Epistem require to fulfil their jobs. We are a bio-science company and so a lot of the purchases are related to lab work, and the Purchasing officer would be expected to have prior knowledge of scientific equipment and consumables. The job […]

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Only 14% of young women who enter university chose science-related fields.  This is one of the headline findings of a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.  This report examined gender equality in education across 64 countries and jurisdictions. In comparison, 39% of young men who entered university chose to pursue one […]

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  The School of Life Sciences (SOLS) and the Biodesign Institute Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy at Arizona State University (ASU) invite applications for up to two full time, tenure-track faculty positions at the rank of Assistant Professor with an anticipated start date of August 2017. We are particularly interested in applicants with a […]

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1. Pay Attention Your teenager needs to know that they are being listened to, and it is important that you show them that their opinion is valid. Even though this may be the natural reaction to a teen who is being violent, loud or aggressive, dismissing them immediately will send them the message that they are […]

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Parenting style seems to affect some children in a family more than others. Now scientists have shown that is in due in part to the inheritance of a gene called 5-HTT. This gene comes in two versions, short and long, and is involved in the serotonin pathway, the ‘feel good’ chemical. Children who inherit two […]

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Women who take on leadership roles should resist the urge to adopt ‘masculine’ traits such as aggression to get results. They should use emotional intelligence instead, says psychologist Paula Nicolson from Royal Holloway, University of London in the United Kingdom. In her report on Nature Jobs, Rachel Bowden goes further. Rachel states that there is often a window of opportunity […]